noluckduck: (brb thinking of funny angry rant)
Clover Duck ([personal profile] noluckduck) wrote2011-12-08 05:23 pm

001 ❖ First impressions go both ways, dear (Dated to this morning)

[Action for 456 Stone Street]

[Rise and shine, Ms. Clover. Rise and shine. Here comes another fantastic day of making sure your best friend doesn't get dragged off into trouble by magical dickheads with definitely ulterior motives.


Hang on one fucking second--

[She shoots up. Definitely not her room - it's too flowery. And speaking of flowers...] Effy? You there? Hello?! [She's looking left and right, but no, no signs of anything familiar anywhere at all. Just pictures of...]

... Who the hell are these people? [And her legs are strangely cold. Wait, is she wearing...] Is this a fucking nightgown?!


Shit, I bet this retro piece of crap doesn't even work, does it? Callin' 911, I've been kidnapped by some douchebag! What's that? You can't do a thing because he's inexplicably above the law? WHOOP-DE-FUCKIN'-DOO. I know you're hearin' me, you ass, and I'm bettin' you're a sick enough fuck to burn some money on a Saw re-enactment! I'm not gonna play yer games!

[... If she's wrong and that guy has nothing to do with this, well, this call might get awkward. If there's even anyone to hear it. Wait, what if...?]

... Effy, if y'heard any of that... Cool, you're here. I'm gonna get out of here - well, the doors don't look locked or anythin', but you just know they are, so gimme a sec to bust out. Let's meet up by... uh...

[She takes a moment to look out the window.]

... Crap, all these houses look the same, don't they? Just try to tell me where you are for now. I'll be... lookin' for someone to beat up, I guess.

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