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003 ❖ I'm dreaming of a quiet Christmas (Backdated to the evening of the 20th)

[Action: On your doorstep - first-come, first-serve?]

[Look at this lovely caroller, singing with wild abandon with an unshakable smile on her face! How long has she been at it?

Well, actually, it has been precisely 24 hours since she started.

Her singing suddenly stops, her smile twitches and stops, and she collapses, exhausted.]

[Phone, after a few hours of troubled sleep:]

I don't wanna hear another Christmas carol ever in my life.

... I... got droned, I guess.

[A deep breath. She is tired.] Fuck this town. Fuck. [On several levels. And it's barely been two weeks...]
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(OK, she had not expected the caroller. But when said caroller collapses on her doorstep? Alarm bells start ringing. She quickly rushes forward to check on the young woman.)

Miss! Are you alright?

(She helps the girl to stand up.)
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(Yeah, you definitely need help. Miss Pauling is going to help you up whether you like it or not; her grip is surprisingly firm for a women of her small size.)

Come on in, you need to warm up. I've got a heater in my place.
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(She helps the girl to her home, and sure enough, a blast of warm air greets them. Engineers are fantastic buddies to have. Miss Pauling sits the girl down and gets a blanket for her; she must be freezing, singing carols like that in the cold. She also gets her some water to drink; the questions can come later.)
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[phone - erased]

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We all knew there was a risk of punishment. [ Even so, he's having trouble hiding how disturbed he sounds, himself. ]
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[ He has neither the energy nor the desire to get into an argument about this. ] Yes.


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Better to be droned then not be but everyone thinks you're a fake anyways...

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... -A sniffle.-

Don't be mean about it...

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But no one's calling you a fake! Why doesn't anyone believe me?

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But how do you know? Ane-san seemed fake, but she's real! I know it! Why can't you just trust me?

... I've never lied to you before, Clover-san.

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Of course we have! We've talked lots of times! -This is gonna be awkward to explain later...-
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Is that what the town does for punishment, then?

[Coming from an irritable, tired girl who was also droned. :|]
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[Oh, god, not Clover too.]

How many times do we have to say we're not fakes before the rest of this town gets it through its thick skull??
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Where "anyone" constitutes absolute morons, apparently.
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What's that supposed to mean