noluckduck: (Write pretentious song lyrics for this)
Clover Duck ([personal profile] noluckduck) wrote2011-12-21 02:59 pm

003 ❖ I'm dreaming of a quiet Christmas (Backdated to the evening of the 20th)

[Action: On your doorstep - first-come, first-serve?]

[Look at this lovely caroller, singing with wild abandon with an unshakable smile on her face! How long has she been at it?

Well, actually, it has been precisely 24 hours since she started.

Her singing suddenly stops, her smile twitches and stops, and she collapses, exhausted.]

[Phone, after a few hours of troubled sleep:]

I don't wanna hear another Christmas carol ever in my life.

... I... got droned, I guess.

[A deep breath. She is tired.] Fuck this town. Fuck. [On several levels. And it's barely been two weeks...]

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