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004 ❖ Look at me all making things fit together right derp (Backdated to the 25th)

[Action A: 456 Stone Street]

[Although Clover was sceptical about checking out her presents from "Santa" - shitty horror movie town, and all that - she was ultimately unable to resist the urge. If she's careful, surely, she can't be caught off-guard!

Well, it turns out there wasn't much to be afraid of.]

Oh hell yes!-- Hang on, did girls already wear pants in the 50s? Shit, I haven't been payin' attention to what people are actually wearin'... What if I put these on and I get turned into a zombie again? Oh, man...

[And that's the only thought that keeps her from immediately changing into her usual attire before opening the second present. She hates this stupid dress, but she does value her free will.

The next box...

... appears to be completely empty.]

Oh, you've gotta be kiddin' me... [And then she notices the stocking.] Hey, is that candy?

Hey guys. Uh... Merry Christmas.

[How odd. It kind of sounds like... Clover's almost speaking with her mouth half closed, or at least not opened all the way.]

Shit, where do I even start? 'Kay, I've got a question, and it's gonna sound stupid as hell, but fuck you if ya mention that: can ya wear pants here? If you're a girl, I mean?

An'... And somethin' else...

I was kind of a bitch this past week.

Sorry if I called ya fake. I... know I probably made ya feel like shit, and... yeah, I'm really sorry about that.

Goddammit, I must sound like an idiot right now with this fuckin' caramel gluin' my mouth together-- [Click!]

[Action C]

[She's wandering all over Mayfield now, chewy caramel mostly gone from her teeth (though she has a feeling there will still be some when she brushes her teeth later). First, she's hoping to offer some proper apologies to the people she was wrong about. Or, well, at least she was, before remembering she has no idea what half of them look like.

She really should have caught on sooner, huh? Complete strangers who "sound fake". God.

But even after realising that, she kept on with her aimless stroll, because there's something else on her mind: what was really in that empty box?

Okay, wow, the question is stupid when you put it that way, but... she does feel like she got something back; she just can't put her finger on what. There
is a thing or two that she... misses. Even if she despised it back home.

And damn, does her shoulder hurt like a bitch.

Despite that, she will
try not to be too harsh to whoever she comes across, because who knows who they might be?]


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Trousers are a bit tricky to come by, but nothing else will really stop you. The drones might give you strange looks, but that's about it.

Re: Phone

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You shouldn't have any trouble in that case.

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I take it you've been looking forward to the possibility.


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I got pants by just takin' 'em from the guys.

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Yeah. I mean, I figured what did it matter, right? If Mayfield wouldn't let me get a job to buy my own, I'd just take 'em. It ain't like people here are lacking in things, so I just took 'em off clothing lines. Some of my guy friends gave me some, though.

The drones might hassle ya for wearin' 'em, but who cares about that.

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Everybody's got egg on their face over that, honey. Hopefully nobody'll hold it against you.


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-A sniffle.-

Buddha teaches to forgive transgressions, so... It's okay. You didn't mean any of it.


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I already told you I don't do that.

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Oooooh, look who can't take a joke.

Okay. I'm sorry you don't have a sense of humor.
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As far as I can tell, you can wear anything you like as long as you can get your hands on it in the first place.
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[He can't help but chuckle, at least someone was happy with what they received.]

I'm glad to hear it.

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[Forgiven, as dictated by the mild, if notably haughty, tone to her voice. Not as if Izumo's going to say it, though.]

Whatever, it was only a matter of time before people figured it out, anyway.