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Character info (as seen in app)/HMD

Think my characterisation is straying? Am I being sloppy? Do you have any criticism in general? Drop me a comment here! Everything's screened by default aaaand I don't bite, I swear.

Character Name: Clover Duck
Character Age: 15
Background: Some really nutty people out there say there are all sorts of supernatural creatures living in the world we live in - ghosts, demons, plain old people who can apparently do magic. Fucking loonies, Clover would call them in well-hidden denial (more on this later, shh) - demons are the stuff of folk stories and hokey mythology books.

Who even believes in that stuff in 2011 USA? She goes to school with her good buddy, she gets into fights with her dumb neighbour, she tinkers with machines in her free time. Life is absolutely normal, and it's always been that way, especially when she lived out in the country - not that it isn't still normal now that she's moved to the big city to live with her uncle, of course. If she happens to build a laser gun some day, hey, it's just a (freaking awesome) bonus.

When her best friend's long-dead mother appears one night, she's forced to admit the fucking loonies might be on to something. In fact, they might just be better informed than her.

All of a sudden, it turns out her friend can shoot stuff out of her hands and make flowers grow, or something, and she's supposed to guard some artifact out in some ruins (a remnant of a conquered civilisation, in fact, but Clover is trying to pretend not to care) and the ghost of her mom is being suspiciously vague about everything and Clover's her friend, so damn if she isn't going to tag along and keep her safe. No creepy otherworldly phenomena can waltz in and drag her friend off just like that on her watch.

Clover herself is still completely normal, though. No question about it. She won't even consider the possibility of being, heck, a werewolf or whatever, if those even exist.

That being the case, why does she feel like she's being stalked by an overgrown teddy bear with horns, a crazy woman-thing who really appears to worship her and a douchebag with green hair?

Unfortunately, she's going to wake up in Mayfield before she has a chance to find out.

(But for the sake of completeness and clarification, here goes a summary: it turns out this isn't Clover's first life. A couple hundred years ago, she was a rather ferocious - beastly, even - demon with a small group of followers and a desire to obtain the previously mentioned artifact for herself. She was killed in combat. Then, years later, her old followers find this girl who shares more than a passing resemblance to the demon and they're all about reviving her past memories in order to bring her back. It ends up sort of working, but it all turns out decently enough in the end and Clover even gets to punch the jerk who betrays her best buddy's mom. Long story short, this "soul connection", for lack of a better term, explains a few things about her.

Her family really is completely normal, though. There's nothing noteworthy to say on that regard.)

Personality: The most blatant aspect of Clover's personality is her temper and loud-mouthedness. Even among friends, half the time, she can have a scowl on her face. Her attitude doesn't exactly make her approachable or likable to a good amount of people, but she seems to be okay with that. In fact - who knows? - it could be some sort of defence mechanism, made to protect herself from any backlash her surname might earn her... but no one ever really picks on her. Cause and effect are truly a mystery here.

Either way, as a result, she has a tendency to run her mouth without always thinking of what she's saying. Sometimes, she is aiming to offend or at least provoke; other times, she doesn't really mean it. Unfortunately, when you're used to her being hostile, it can be hard to believe there is ever a time when she is not trying to be confrontational. Again, that isn't very conducive to getting along with people.

When she's got your back, though, no amount of loudmouthed brainspew can hide the fact she is with you to the grave. She will usually expect such loyalty in return - any vaguely suspicious behaviour she might spot, she calls out right away - but as long as you keep that in mind, she'll fight by your side as long as she has no strong moral convictions against your goals. And if she really likes you? Well, that's rare, but she might even explicitly display affection. Just a little.

Speaking of which, once you get past Clover's kneejerk reaction to anything that is strange or different (which, together with her stubbornness, can be quite troublesome), you might find that her morals seem to fit into the typical "good guy" type, except for one glaring weakness: money. If Wrath weren't her deadly sin, it would surely be Greed. If left unattended, she might very well agree to more underhanded deeds if promised good profit; nothing outright evil, though.

She has a pretty healthy and resilient ego, overall, with one exception extending from the previous paragraph: she absolutely does not want to stand out as different. As much as she goes on and on about "acting however the hell you feel like" and "bein' a free person", she is terrified of being strange.

Is that why she usually wears form-concealing clothes? Maybe. Is that why she tends towards the masculine? Eh, probably not. Does this all boil down to a deep-seated fear of the unknown? Definitely.

She has known from a very early age that there's something "wrong" with her and she's always tried her best to deny it. The way things were turning out in her home, she would soon be forced to face the truth. However, the same challenge will inevitably arise in Mayfield, sooner or later.

Abilities: Much to Clover's disgust, she does have a couple of superhuman abilities, all of which are remnants of her past life as a demon.
  • Super-strength: Not many 15-year-old girls can dent solid iron with a punch. But when Clover puts some effort into it... Fortunately, she's not actually a terribly skilled fighter; her style could be called "Exactly-what-a-12-year-old-bully-fights-like-jutsu", and she never hits anyone hard enough to, well, blow their internal organs up or anything. She's aware of how far her strength goes and she tries not to do anything that gives it away.
  • Animal communion: In her past life, Clover could control animals with her mind. Now, she can "just" talk to them. It's something that she enjoys doing to an extent, actually (though never in a public setting). It often got to be a little too much to handle, however, since she spent a lot of her time around farm animals and, again, she is not at all comfortable with being able to do this stuff. That's why she moved to the city as soon as she was allowed, though she still ends up chatting up the occasional sparrow or so.
  • Not exactly an ability, but she also inherited one more thing from her past life: chronic pain on her left shoulder.
The rest of what she can do isn't supernatural in nature, but here it goes just for the record: her tinkering with machines, despite often being based on dumb luck, actually results on functional devices sometimes. Somehow. Like a crude laser gun that she will probably never be able to reproduce again, whoops. That one was an exceptional achievement that came from a lot of applied effort, though; most of her experimenting with scrap metal that results in functioning stuff ends up as, say, radars or transceivers at best.

Samples: Over this way!