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[Action A: 456 Stone Street]

Cut for doodles! )

Hey guys. Uh... Merry Christmas.

[How odd. It kind of sounds like... Clover's almost speaking with her mouth half closed, or at least not opened all the way.]

Shit, where do I even start? 'Kay, I've got a question, and it's gonna sound stupid as hell, but fuck you if ya mention that: can ya wear pants here? If you're a girl, I mean?

An'... And somethin' else...

I was kind of a bitch this past week.

Sorry if I called ya fake. I... know I probably made ya feel like shit, and... yeah, I'm really sorry about that.

Goddammit, I must sound like an idiot right now with this fuckin' caramel gluin' my mouth together-- [Click!]

[Action C]

Aaaand cut for tl;dr )
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[Action: On your doorstep - first-come, first-serve?]

[Look at this lovely caroller, singing with wild abandon with an unshakable smile on her face! How long has she been at it?

Well, actually, it has been precisely 24 hours since she started.

Her singing suddenly stops, her smile twitches and stops, and she collapses, exhausted.]

[Phone, after a few hours of troubled sleep:]

I don't wanna hear another Christmas carol ever in my life.

... I... got droned, I guess.

[A deep breath. She is tired.] Fuck this town. Fuck. [On several levels. And it's barely been two weeks...]
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Right, I've been here a week and I'm pretty sure I've got a good idea o' how this hellhole works. Or shit, at least I thought I did before this power cut business. Follow my logic here, alright?

This town is the fuckin' incarnation of a thousand horror movie clichés. If you're... shit, I dunno, a fairy or a leprechaun or somethin' that doesn't have movies, trust me on this one. So, there's the drones, right? Basically brainwashed hivemind zombies, yeah? Yeah. And I was pretty damn sure that whoever stayed here long enough turned into one of them, because that is the perfect goddamn cheesy Twilight Zone twist.

But fuck, now there's power cuts and they're malfunctionin' like crazy?

Maybe they're androids.

[Action: Mayfield High]

[Clover figures they've got to be about to go on Christmas break, what with how normal this place pretends to be, but that doesn't make her hate being at school any less. Particularly without a certain someone.

It's lunchtime, and she's sitting alone at a table. At least until some generic drone girls approach her and engage in conversation.

She mumbles something in response.]

What was that, honey? You don't have to be shy!

I said FUCK OFF!

[The drone girls gasp!

Then one freezes in place, and the other drops to the floor.

Good enough.]
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